Rob van Biezen

Experienced attorney in the field of corporate law, contract law and complex divorces for entrepreneurs

Educated in Leiden, he graduated in Dutch law, following three years of tax law. Knowledge of tax matters is therefore amply available. After a long career in business, he switched to the legal profession. Because of his thorough knowledge of the business world (including as an interim manager) he knows exactly what entrepreneurs want. He has knowledge in several areas: legal, tax, economic and commercial.


Rob works within three areas of law. Firstly, in the area of corporate law. After a Grotius education he continued to specialize in this area of law and also litigates at the Enterprise Chamber of the Amsterdam Court of Appeal. For example, shareholder disputes, non-functioning directors, possible disadvantage of shareholders or other stakeholders. Because Rob also has a basic doctorate in tax law, he is also handy with figures and annual accounts. This is a huge advantage for the client, because half a word is often enough for Rob.

The second area of law is contract law. Think about problems with the interpretation of contracts, collections, enforcing the fulfillment of a contract. In fact, our entire business and private lives are governed by agreements, or contracts. Because even a verbal agreement is a contract.

r many years. You wouldn’t know it, but this specialism goes very well with his knowledge of business law and contract law. Because Rob focuses on entrepreneurs, and they have an interest in maintaining their businesses. But also think about the settlement of prenuptial agreements, for example with a so-called Amsterdam settlement clause. This is a specific area in which not everyone is familiar. And if there are also companies… For this kind of complex divorce -especially where the three legal areas come together- you can contact Rob.


Rob is an NMI registered mediator. He acts as a mediator in business conflicts and divorces. The combination of lawyer and mediator is particularly useful in the most diverse cases; also in divorces specialist legal knowledge is necessary. With him, all mediation participants are assured of good mutual agreements, which meet the legal standards and norms.

Rob van Biezen has registered the following main (and sub) areas of law in the Register of Legal Practice of the Dutch Bar Association:

  • Corporate law
  • Contract law
  • Family law (divorce, mediation, maintenance)
    On the basis of this registration, he is obliged to obtain ten training points in each registered main area of law every calendar year in accordance with the standards of the Dutch Bar Association.
Rob van Biezen - advocaat & mediator

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Rob van Biezen
Rob van Biezen

Experienced attorney in the field of corporate law, contract law and complex divorces for entrepreneurs

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